Buyers/Institution Survey Live

As part of our USDA Food Promotion Program grant, we’re doing several rounds of surveys. THIS one is for institutional buyers (hospitals, schools, caterers, grocery stores…places that buy large amounts of fruit and veg at any one time). If you happen to be, or know, the person responsible for doing the buying for a place like this, we’d REALLY appreciate them taking the time to fill this out. Please share as needed.
“The purpose of this survey is to gain the perspectives of those representing institutions and grocers who currently buy or potentially could buy fresh food products, value-added/processed food products, or both from farms located in the Walla Walla Valley. Examples of value-added food products include washed and cut produce, processed meat, pesto, flour, bread, wine, beer, cider, soup mix, jam, sauces, and yogurt. This survey covers topics related to food buyers’ priorities, needs, and interests. This information will be used as part of a larger effort to identify needs and opportunities and evaluate the feasibility of developing services, buying equipment, and developing a facility”


  1. Thank you, but we are not your intended public. Please remove us from your email list. Thanks and best of luck to you.


    1. Hi Tharyl. I can’t find you as a subscriber or on our master email list. Not sure how you are receiving this information. If its through this website you should be able to unsubscribe on your end. Perhaps someone forwarded it to you?


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