Producer Workshop Big Success

Food Producers Workshop Feb 12 2019With much appreciation from the Local Food Promotion Program (LFPP) steering committee, heartfelt thanks to all those attending the Food Producers Workshop on Tuesday. ESPECIALLY given our epic weather. We hope everyone gained some insight into the idea, the scope, and the intent of the feasibility study and benefited from connections and conversations surrounding the effort! We surely appreciated everyone’s flexibility with changing schedules as many of our original guest speakers were unable to make it into Walla Walla due to weather.

IMG_20190212_122440113We’re looking forward to additional input, discussions and exploration of what will best serve our community as the study continues!

The materials from the workshop are posted in the links below. We’ll post more as they become available.

LINC Foods – Food Producers Worshop Slide Deck

Western Montana Growers Cooperative – Food Producers Workshop Slide Deck

WSDA Regional Markets Program One-Pager

Walla Walla Ag History Timeline

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